Amazing chocolate cake

Hi everyone! This is my recipe to make an amazing buttercream chocolate cake, covered with melted chocolate and decorated with sweets! Ingredients:  170g butter  170g sugar  3 eggs  140g self-raising flour  30g cocoa powder  1½ tsp baking powder For the butter icing: 90g butter 170g icing sugar 2 tsp cocoa powder For the topping:  200g … Continue reading Amazing chocolate cake


Milk and white chocolate cookies

Hi everyone! This is my simple recipe to make delicious milk and white chocolate cookies. These always turn out so amazing and I really enjoy making them, so I thought you might like to try them out too! Ingredients: 200g butter 275g caster sugar 1 egg 325g self-raising flour 150g milk chocolate 150g white chocolate … Continue reading Milk and white chocolate cookies